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Our Vision



Impacting Lives

And Working Together

To Proclaim the Gospel

Of Jesus Christ


Our Mission



Our Community

With Hope


And the Love

Of Jesus Christ

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Our Beliefs

As Seventh-day Adventists, we believe that God is concerned with the quality of human life, and that everything about us–the way we live, eat, speak, think, treat each other, and care for the world around us–is a part of His plan. Our families, our children, our jobs, our talents, our money, and our time are all important to Him. To view the Fundamental Beliefs of our church,

A Place Where You Matter

There is a place for you at the Atlanta Boulevard Seventh-day Adventist Church, where our tight-knit family of believers aspires to live by the Word of God and to express God's love by selflessly edifying and supporting each other. We are here for you! And we pray that the power of God's grace will rain fresh upon you every day of your life. Our hope for you is that the presence of the Holy Spirit will permeate the atmosphere of your home with a daily refreshing that brings peace, prosperity, and joy to you and your family.


Leadership Team

Meet our distinguished leaders whose sacrificial service provides integrity and stability in the ministries of Atlanta Boulevard.

Our Pastor

Daryl Shon Anderson has served as a pastor in the South Atlantic Conference of Seventh-day Adventists since 1999. With a heart for people and an insatiable desire to win souls to the Kingdom of Christ, our Pastor lives to learn while sharing his knowledge of ministry with all who joins him in the doing the work of our Lord. 

Our Elders (Active)

Anthony Murdock

Leoanard Morant

Brian Allen

Derek Peters

Petal Anderson

Our Department Leaders

Daryl S. Anderson


Ellen Saylor

Head Deaconess

Mark Nelson Head Shot 1 copy.png

Mark (Rock) Nelson

Minister of Music

Kathy Alexander

Children's Ministries

Leonard Morant

Gym Committee 

Lewis Wynder

Head Deacon

Terry Price

Ushers Board


Betty Mikesell


Rosemary Graham


Rosalyn Ward


Laura Jenkins

Administrative Assistant

Bernard & Una kelly

Prayer Ministries

Brian Allen


Anisha Walker


joe demier copy.png

Joe Demier

Men's Ministries

George Curry

Family Ministries

Monica Allen

Safety Officer

Rwanda Wynder

Disaster Relief 

Women's Ministry

visit us

(404) 377-3472 

240 Maynard Terrace SE,

Atlanta, Georgia 30316

©2020 Atlanta Boulevard Seventh-day Adventist Church

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